The 6 benefits of WooCommerce

In order to start an online store you need a platform. There are many different platforms available on the internet, but one of the best known is WooCommerce. In the beginning it was thought to be only suitable for small online stores with a few or at most dozens of products. This is a myth, however, since WooCommerce can run fine with more than a thousand or more products.

WooCommerce is an online store plugin for adding shop functionalities to the WordPress CMS, and it has grown into a huge community. About 37% of all online stores use WooCommerce making it the market leader in Europe.

But what makes WooCommerce so good?

WooCommerce is straightforward and user-friendly

WordPress is known for being very user-friendly. Consequently, WooCommerce has been developed in such a way that everyone can work it quite easily. Both systems are easy to download. Have you already downloaded and installed both systems? Then you are ready to get started!

Because the learning period is shorter than that of other platforms, it is super handy for beginners. Even with little technical knowledge, you can master the basics of WooCommerce. Of course, the end result is always better with the help of a professional.

WooCommerce is developing at lightning speed

WordPress is an open source system which means that any developer can easily apply customized work. Custom developments are often applied through a “Plugin”, because this way you will not have to deal with the source code.

A WooCommerce plugin adds extra, advanced functionality to the online store beyond its basic functionalities. The advantage of such a plugin is that you only have to download and install it. As a result, little or no technical knowledge is required.

Watch out with free WooCommerce plugins. Free is not always good!

It’s possible that the plugin you require to meet your needs does not yet exist. In which case you can have a plugin built. Provided you know the structure of WooCommerce well, it is easy to connect it to WooCommerce. Find a good party that specializes in WooCommerce to have a custom plugin developed that fully meets your needs!


WooCommerce is 100% free and, aside from domain registration and e-mail hosting, it does not entail any monthly costs. In addition, you can expand WooCommerce to your own liking with both free and paid plugins.

If you have a simple online store, it is possible that the basic functionalities of WooCommerce will suffice. Do you want to be an advanced online store? Then you can expand it with plugins. Although there are many free plugins available, they are not necessarily the best; therefore, check the possibilities of a specific plugin and alternatives. Sometimes it is better to pay for one..

Themes on WooCommerce

The company behind WooCommerce is WooThemes. In contrast to WordPress and WooCommerce, this company has more of a commercial approach. It allows you to create themes for improving design.

WooThemes has developed many premium themes, but you can also find many premium WooCommerce themes on the ThemeForest website. An average theme costs a one-time fee of $50.

Links with suppliers

E-commerce suppliers can easily connect with WooCommerce through a plugin. A plugin allows the online store to use the services of this supplier without complicated technology. Thanks to a plugin you can add advanced functionalities to your online store in no time.

Very easy!

Very suitable for search engine optimization (SEO)

It is very important for an online store to achieve good results. But to achieve a result, you must have visitors. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It summarizes the work required to ensure that your online store is better found in online search engines. On one hand, with SEO you focus on increasing the number of search terms on which your online store is found and on the other hand you focus on improving the position in the most relevant search engines. With the goal: as many free visitors as possible.

WooCommerce meets all the basic requirements for achieving a good position in search engines. For example: an alt text with images, easy adaptation of the URL structure and use of categories. Do you need extra help with optimization? Then use the WoCommerce plugin from Yoast.


It’s not for nothing that WooCommerce is the market leader in Europe (and beyond)!

The user-friendliness and functionality make the e-commerce platform suitable for both large and small online stores.

Still in doubt? Call us to brainstorm. We are happy to help you make the right choice for your online store.