Teamleader WooCommerce plugin

Connect the Teamleader CRM to your webshop. All invoices and/or deals will be automatically created based on orders.

Download the Teamleader WooCommerce plugin to track everything within your webshop. Teamleader is a tech company based in Gent, Belgium. They offer a cloud-based solution for CRM, projectmanagement and invoicing. At the moment over 10,000 companies work smarter thanks to Teamleader!

The Teamleader WooCommerce plugin takes care of creating invoices or deals in Teamleader, for every (paid) order. In this way your Teamleader CRM is in sync with your WooCommerce webshop. Having a clear system with a good overview is indispensable for a succesfull webshop!

Important features

  • Automatically add orders to Teamleader
  • Client details are also saved in Teamleader
  • Updating invoice- and client details is done automaticallyInvoices or deals are connected to the client in Teamleader

Why Teamleader?

Teamleader is a very advanced CRM with the focus on efficiency. If your webshop is build with WooCommerce, than a seamless integration with Teamleader is indispensable. The plugin ensures that your webshop is fully in sync with your Teamleader CRM. For example, the plugin will take care of creating and updating invoice statusbased on payments, cancellations and returns. That’s why Teamleader is indispensable in your webshop!

Start with the Teamleader WooCommerce plugin?

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Last Updated
2020-03-17 - Changelog


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