VidaXL WooCommerce Plugin

Do you have a WooCommerce online shop and you want to do dropshipping using VidaXL? Then you must have this VidaXL dropshipping plugin!

Offer VidaXL products within your WooCommerce online shop

Starting an online shop? You’ll need the VidaXL WooCommerce plugin! VidaXL is an international online retailer. They offer thousands of products in a wide variety of categories such as home, garden, garage, DIY, and clothing. VidaXL is active worldwide and provides excellent customer support for each country in their native language. They are a perfect partner for both high-end and low-end furniture. There is something for every target group at VidaXL!

The VidaXL WooCommerce plugin enables you to offer the full assortment of VidaXL products through your WordPress & WooCommerce online shop with dropshipping. This eliminates the need to purchase a large inventory. Collaborating with a dropshipping company like VidaXL is indispensable for starting an online shop!

VidaXL WooCommerce Plugin Features

  • Import the (full) assortment of VidaXL
  • Orders will be automatically added to VidaXL for shipment
  • You can determine your own margin or use the VidaXL advice price
  • Updating of the inventory and prices is done automatically

Why VidaXL?

Consumers are becoming increasingly more price conscious. VidaXL offers products for home and garden at competitive prices. They want to make their products accessible to as many customer and companies as possible. VidaXL select only products in high demand and purchases them directly at large scale. They are able to influence the design and packaging to optimize the entire production chain which ultimately ensures our customers pay a very reasonable price for the products.

Do you want to start using the VidaXL WooCommerce plugin?

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Watch the VidaXL Tutorial Video (English Subtitles)

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2020-01-16 - Changelog


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