Terms & conditions

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Plugins, the WooCommerce plugin which realizes a connection between the webshop of the Licensee and the platform of the Supplier;

License, the monthly user fee for the use and maintenance of the Plugin;

Licensee, the webshop who is going the use the Plugin and pays the License of the Plugin.

General provisions

  1. A License must be purchased on all Plugins. As long as the License is valid, the Licensee is entitled to the following:
    • Help with integration;
    • Support via phone and/or email;
    • Updates.
  2. The License will be renewed automatically every month and/or year. A License will lose it’s validity in the following cases:
    • The payment failed;
    • The license is cancelled/suspended.
  3. After a failed payment Woosa does two (2) attempts, spread over a maximum of fourteen (14) days, to collect the License fee, before she will block, cancel or suspend the License. If the payment still isn’t done after fourteen (14) days, the License will be blocked, cancelled or suspended immediately and the right as described in article 1 will expire.
  4. Licensee is not permitted to share the Plugin with third parties and / or to distribute it (online). If the Licensee does, Woosa is entitled to charge a fine of € 50.00 per day that the Licensee is in violation with a maximum of € 5,000.00.
  5. Licensee is free to provide feedback on the Plugin, with the aim of improving functionality. The priority of an improvement will be determined by the number of applications.
  6. Licensee is entitled to support (Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM) support@woosa.nl. Outside office hours, only requests are dealt with with the subject “URGENT”.
  7. All Plugins on the Woosa website are the intellectual property of Woosa. Licensee is forbidden to sell the Plugin through a channel other than the Woosa channel.

Woosa B.V. is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number: 71751513.